About Me

I graduated from Ohio State University in 1990. (Go Buckeyes!) I am a former deputy district attorney and have filed and prosecuted hundreds of cases and served as a liaison to San Bernardino County police departments’ task forces.
I worked for a DUI defense firm, The Law Offices of Lawrence Taylor, for three years before deciding to open my own office in Newport Beach and now San Diego. I devote my entire practice to Criminal defense.
The most important aspect of my practice is that I personally represent all of my clients. From the initial interview to the conclusion of a case, I never “hand off” or “contract out” a case to another attorney. This is very important to me.
When it comes to trials, I do all of them personally and have a winning record both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. There are very few places in this world I would rather be than in a courtroom during a trial. I love going to trial. It is the reason I became a lawyer.
I have an extensive psychology background and truly enjoy the jury selection process. I have spent years researching the psychology behind selecting a jury. This is an extremely important part of any trial. I have spoken to hundreds of jurors over the years and have learned various techniques to “weed out” those potential jurors who are biased
I have spoken both locally and nationally at various seminars and training classes regarding Trial Tactics and The Jury Selection Process.
I co-authored the California edition of The DUI Book and I am considered an expert on cases involving the Drug Ambien and the use of the defense of "involuntary intoxication."